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The Orbiter is our most compact and nimble downhill deck—sized to meet the needs of today's most accomplished racers and freeriders and all downhill skaters of smaller stature.

The Orbiter's tightest wheelbases are dialed for tucking and gripping, while the wider settings are tuned for a shoulder-width stance and low-resistance drifting.

Multiple mounting options at the nose and tail allow you to customize the placement of your components, tuning points of contact to suit your riding style.

The two front mounting settings, spaced half an inch apart, are complimented by a built-in 3º wedge that gives your turns a bit of extra directionality and allows the foremost of the two settings to tilt the deck forward for a more aggressive stance.

The three rear mounting settings are spaced about an inch apart and pair with the additional mounting holes on all Rogue trucks used in our precision setups, for maximum adjustability.


The Orbiter is pressed in our classic rocker/concave mold and utilizes our time-tested composite construction.

Beginning with 8-plys of FSC-certified maple veneer, we layer in two sheets of triaxial fiberglass reinforced with carbon stringers to stiffen the ride and provide control at speed.

Our bio-based resin system is central to our effort to tip the scale on composites' carbon footprint. The raw materials used to produce SuperSap® epoxy are co-products and waste products of other important industrial processes, which neither compete with food sources or displace food-based agriculture.

Orbiter Slideshow
Orbiter Slideshow

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Orbiter good for beginners?

For those serious about honing their high-speed skills, there is no better board in Comet's lineup than the Orbiter.

The Orbiter's range of setups, the Starter in particular, offers an entry point for everyone, no matter your skill level or budget.

All this said, our other downhill setups—the Ethos and Takeover—are less expensive and more than capable of handling mellow speeds.

Check out the Ethos' split-angle setup for an all-maple, kicktail-equipped experience of the Orbiter's Starter setup.

Check out the Takeover for a split-angle setup that's a bit wider and great for casual carving on your way to digging into drifts.

What is the advantage of composite construction?

Adding fiberglass and carbon to the Orbiter's layup increases its overall stiffness and reduces torsional flex (twisting when weight is applied on opposite rails).

Because the Orbiter's smaller wheelbases and Alula and Zoomer setups are perfect for competitive applications, and racers require stiffness beyond what is needed in most downhill environments, we have made our composite construction standard.

Another added benefit of composite materials is that we can add additional depth to our wheel wells without compromising structural integrity, and. so can accommodate the large wheels used in high-speed applications without the addition of riser pads.

Orbiter Slideshow

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