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CRUISER - Comet Skateboards - Cruiser Skateboards
CRUISER - Comet Skateboards - Cruiser Skateboards
CRUISER - Comet Skateboards - Cruiser Skateboards
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Nimble in the city, stable in the mountains—the Cruiser is the ideal size for traveling any place.

The Cruiser’s deck is 33 inches long, just one inch longer than today’s common skateboards, but its wheelbase is six inches longer. This comfort-focused design places the wheels directly underfoot in a shoulder-width stance so you can spread out and take turns without having to stand on the tail.

The Cruiser’s standing platform is rockered from tip to tail and flat from side to side, offering a low center of gravity, increased stability and nuanced control.

When it’s time to make a quick pivoting turn or de-weight over a burly crack in the sidewalk, slide your foot back and dig in. The Cruiser’s kicktail is equipped with a replaceable skid plate so you can ride hard without wearing down the deck.


The Cruiser’s core is a sustainably harvested layup of aspen, with three sapele stringers. All our lumber is FSC Certified.

We machine deep, clearance-increasing wheel wells into the core prior to pressing to provide a wheelbite-free ride for wheels as large as 72mm while preserving the strength and water-resistance of the deck.

We then load the core into the press between two sheets of triaxial fiberglass saturated with Super Sap epoxy—a bio-based resin that requires less energy to manufacture, emits fewer harmful byproducts, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 33% compared to conventional petroleum-based epoxy.

Prior to the re-release of the Cruiser, it had been more than a decade since we’d made a composite construction skateboard, and we’re excited to be returning to our roots while staying true to our commitment to making a skateboard that is as good for the planet as it is for having fun.

Cruiser slideshow
Cruiser slideshow

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Cruiser have a weight limit?

While we've never done laboratory stress testing, we've got friends around the world doing daily trips on their Cruisers at 275 pounds, and have seen decks survive being run over by cars.

Can I buy just the deck?

The Cruiser is meant to be experienced as a complete setup, and we have no plans to offer a deck-only option.

However, if you already own a Cruiser and happen to snap your deck from regular use, we're happy to sell you replacement—just get in touch and we'll help you out.

How fast can the Cruiser go?

As fast as you can handle.

The Cruiser's split-angle wedges allow for surprising stability despite its incredible turning agility.

Watch Tim riding the Giant.

How does the Cruiser handle skateparks?

The Cruiser is great for carving bowls, and is an absolute rocket at pump tracks.

Here's Quentin taking some Cruiser laps at his local park.

Can the Cruiser ollie/kickflip?

We've seen many an ollie and kickflip on the Cruiser.

That said, its tail is optimized for kick-turns.

If you're looking to fly high and flip, we recommend checking out the Shred (coming soon!).

Cruiser slideshow

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