From the Team at Comet Skateboards


From the Team at Comet Skateboards


Welcome to the wiggly world of 
Soft Wheel Skateboarding

Skateboarding for Life

Our Mission

Soft Wheel Skate School helps people integrate skateboarding into their everyday lives, instilling pride in the journey, challenge and endless possibilities of space travel.

The Soft Wheel Skillset

Our Method

With a travel-first approach, we introduce skateboarding as an accessible, low-cost and low-maintenance means of transportation. We set tricks aside, find fun in the first ride and offer a lifetime of joy in the fundamentals of movement.

Soft Wheel Certified Instructors

Meet Our Teaching Team

Our instructors are versed in skateboarding's foundational movement framework.
Our curriculum focuses on gradual skill-building progressions that can be self-directed or
hands-on depending on learners’ needs in the moment.

Community in the Classroom

Safe & Supportive

We prioritize healthy and measured risk-taking, communal learning and a broad vision of
success with infinite opportunities to grow and teach others.

Agreements for All Abilities

Our Student Contract

Learners come to class with all levels of experience.
We use these four agreements to foster safety and mutual respect:

1. Safety gear lets us take risks. We wear our helmets and pads at all times!

2. What is easy for you may be hard for someone else. Be supportive!

3. Skateboarding is many things to many people. Play your way!

4. There’s always more to learn. Look around, ask and imagine!

Quality Equipment. Lifelong Engagement.

Hands On Opportunities

Our students learn how each of a skateboard's components contributes to their ride and
promotes the joy of the journey.

Boards Designed to Delight

Our Space Travel Standard

Students learn best with skateboards made for maximum usability in any setting.
Our classroom completes are built with these four confidence-inspiring criteria:

BIG SOFT WHEELS to handle most bumps in the road.

LOOSE TRUCKS for smooth turning and secure board/body connection.

WHEEL WELLS in every deck to remove all risk of wheelbite.

KICKTAILS for easy curb management and off-board handling.

Student Skateboards

A collection of these three skateboards will serve students of all sizes and skill levels:
The Ethos

The Ethos’ broad standing platform makes it an ideal starting point for all. On our first day, students are invited to sit up front while our instructors push and steer. Taller riders thrive on a board suited to their stature.

We recommend stocking two Ethos.

More about the Ethos
The Cruiser

The Cruiser is the world’s most capable and portable tool for transportation. Proficiency on this skateboard equips students for a lifetime of independent and joyful mobility.

We recommend stocking four Cruisers.

More about the Cruiser
The Shred

The Shred is our most versatile skateboard, great for first turns and graduating to transition riding. A familiar shape with surprisingly smooth rolling, we make Shreds in two sizes to ensure comfort for all riders.

We recommend stocking six Shreds.

More about the Shred
Soft Wheel Skate School + You

Community Partners

Our services are designed to fit within the context of elementary and middle school aftercare programs.

Utilizing established programs simplifies and diversifies student participation, and provides additional support for our students and instructors.

Learn With Us

Ready to roll?

Last year we taught over 200 students in San Francisco public schools. Now we're looking to replicate this success in new locations.

Reach out to learn more, and let’s work together to build a mobility movement!