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The classic speedboard with a kicktail, Comet’s Ethos is a celebration of cross-disciplinary creativity

Slimmer than its predecessors and designed to accommodate the best of modern components, today's Ethos is more agile and accessible than ever

The Ethos is pressed with our famously uncomplicated rocker/concave mold, and measures 37.5 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. With a 23.5 inch minimum wheelbase and half-inch adjusters at nose and tail, you can place your components at their ideal locations for a confident stance and intuitive pop.

On the underside of the deck, flush mounts provide a flat, slightly lowered platform, and pair with the wheel wells to accommodate a wheel bite-free ride with 69mm wheels on 165mm trucks with no riser. We've also cut channels inside the deck's rails for technical drifts, early grabs and easy carrying.


We build the Ethos to be ready for the rough and tumble of all-terrain riding, with responsibly-sourced materials designed to last for years.

The Ethos' layup is simple and strong: nine plies of FSC-certified maple held together with skate-specific wood glue, providing rigidity and vibration dampening without the complexities or costs of composite materials. Give it all you’ve got and know that when your time together is done, the Ethos' materials can return the earth responsibly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which setup is best for my riding style?

The Sym setup is great for beginners, boardwalkers and advanced freeriders. If you're just learning to drift and want the board to feel the same no matter what way the board is rolling, the Sym setup keeps things simple.

The Split setup is more inherently stable, and can help support your journey to higher speeds. The Split setup is great for folks who tend not to ride their board backwards and prefer a bit of directionality in their drifts and turns.

Will the Ethos be available in other sizes?

Yes! Stay tuned for a shorter model.

Is the Ethos good for beginners?

Absolutely! The Ethos is a great option for anyone interested in a stable starting point.

It's wheelbase will give you plenty of space to stretch out and learn to turn, and its kicktail will keep you ready for any curbs and cracks in your path.

For newcomers, we recommend the symmetrical setup so you can practice rolling both ways without any change in the turning characteristics of the board.

How does the Ethos handle in skateparks?

The Ethos' kicktail gives it excellent drop-in and kick-turn and ollie capabilities, however its larger size lends better to urban environments and the mellower transitions of pump tracks and ditches.

If you plan to use the Ethos regularly in skateparks, we recommend the Sym setup.

For ultimate flexibility in skateparks we check out the Shred (coming soon).

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