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The running name for this

The running name for this board is the Comet MANIFEST, based on the feedback that we got from the last forum topic.


I really dig this board!!!

I really dig this board!!!
For starters, it could/should definitely be a few inches smaller, this things a tank!

As far as for sliding, it is far superior to my mini shaka for foot space, concave, and having that locked in feeling. It would be nice to have a microdrop though just so that theres some sort of foot pockets so that you don't have to find exactly where you want to put your feet during various slides. 9/10

For downhill I haven't had much experience, probably around 35-40 tops, and it felt good. But again I would feel a bit more comfortable if there was some sort of space to put you feet while riding. 9.75/10

The W-concave feels perfect while riding, but all of my hills involve a lot of pushing, so maybe if it was a little wider and/or flatter...? Maybe even no W? 8/10

Overall, this things a tank, feels awesome down a hill both rolling and sliding. I would give it a solid 9.5/10.

I also like the Manifest as a board name. Makes the board sound just a badass as it really is!!

PS... a little more rocker couldn't hurt! :)


the concave felt primo but a

the concave felt primo but a foot stop of some nature would be sick. because while i was digging putting my feet right on top of the trucks and getting a lot of leverage it didn't really give me a locked in feeling that ive found with dropped boards. don't get me wrong i'm in love with the concave and am not suggesting a drop but if we could find a way to construct a foot stop the platform would be perfect. the shape of the kicks is nice and proportional in my opinion. however i do feel that their is room for an additional set of holes on the inside of the board. the graphic is DEFIANTLY giving me a clown vibe that is a major turn off. i would defiantly revisit the color scheme immediately


I think we just need to

I think we just need to remove the blue bottom, and enlarge the painting, because to me it's giving off a clown like vibe, anyways, the board is an awesome all around board, I've set it up for some downhill, freeride, and a little techsliding. I think we should shave a few inches off, maybe make it around 37in or so?? To me when I stand over it, I think of the archetype, but with double kicks. The wheel wells are big, but could be a little deeper, as I still had to use some riser to avoid bite with a 70+mm wheel.


That would definitely fit.

That would definitely fit. You got my back on that sir!

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thats a great board. i used

thats a great board. i used to have one just like it when i was a kid and now i wanna get the same one for my kid. sadly when i broke my leg i had to throw it away. ever since then i have dedicated myself to it attempt to become much more powerful and stronger.


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