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Let's come together and design the next freeride skateboard for 2013.  For this forum topic, let's focus on the "shape" -- both the cut of the board and the shape of the press mold, which drives the contour/curvature.   

Once we have a shape, Comet will ship protoboards to all registered test-pilots:  Test-Pilot Registration.

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Have at it, everyone! What


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Hey everybody, just made an

Hey everybody, just made an account and am jumping into the discussion. You guys may have covered a lot of shit so far seeing all those comments. Out of all Comet boards how can you not like the ethos? It is the greatest shape for all around riding in my opinion and think building off that is a great starting point. It would be sick to get an ethos out there with a less tapered nose. A more squared off front would make switch slides more consistent with regular slides. I think the tail option could be mounted back just a quarter of an inch to a half an inch to give it more freeridablitiy with feet mounted between the wheelbase/on wheelbase rather than with the back foot on the tail (this would help with a 36" and 38" inch option for sure). As for concave, ethos concave is already the shit! maybe a little more towards the front...banking off switch slide preferences. Gimme some feedback sk8888rs!

- Jared Henry


I know a lot of these things

I know a lot of these things may have been covered already, but I just wanted to add in my thoughts. I think something symmetrical would be nice but at least something with a standing platform the feels comfortable skating both ways. Everyone seems like kick tails so why not put 2 of them. I don't think a full on kick tail is needed but something that is enough to pop on and hold your foot for manuals and things. Should be around 10" wide and maybe 36-39" long. If there is any "W" it should be mellow in my opinion. Try to not add any feature that would be easily destroyed or chipped of make sure the board can take the abuse of skateboarding because thats what it is. It sucks when a boards structural integrity is what holds back the skater. Should be a topmount btw.


wheel well flares would be

wheel well flares would be awesome with that


I'm really feeling a

I'm really feeling a symmetrical board with mild kicks, flushmounting, 24-27" wb, mild W that doesn't make a steep incline but instead plateaus at the top, and maybe something like .66 rocker with .75 concave


gas pedals

gas pedals


I want the craziest board

I want the craziest board known to to man! I want a sligtly dropped less than half an inch semetrical double kick 10" wide longboard deck. It needs deep concave please. Why not add gas pedals while we are at it.. A mild dome in the center would be fun! I want to freeride this beast and have the option to blast down a hill when necessary. Please do not drop-throught this one!!


Agreed: No drop through. I

Agreed: No drop through. I think the "increased control" aspect of a top mount is where the proverbial 'it' is at.


You're definitely onto

You're definitely onto something. Comet's thing seems to be simplicity, but something with a microdrop really needs to happen in my opinion. Another rad option would be to make it possible to mount it out like a normal dropped board but having mounting options and flush to go along with it on the drops to get that snowboard-esque Levi Green Amazon redrill steez. I think that thing would bang. And yeah, no drop through! Also something like 9.5" in the pockets would slay. I think Comet really needs more reasonably width boards, and even though 9.5" seems small to a lot of people it's plenty of width right where you put your feet. I'd shoot for maybe even less but 9.5" should be a decent compromise.


yo Scott - what wheel base

yo Scott - what wheel base are you thinking?


Yo everyone! Its cool to

Yo everyone! Its cool to have the opportunity to design with you all. This is a great opportunity to get Comet to make boards outside of the minimalist skateboard design approach... Bend and shape time, space, and matter.


AHA! So we're aiming for

AHA! So we're aiming for something "outside of the minimalist skateboard design"...
That being said, something a bit "funky" could make a solid impact.
Maybe not "gas pedals" so much as "width/platform where you need it", and not so much "W Concave" as "curves where you need it".


Im all for simplicity with

Im all for simplicity with this one. I want a symmetrical board similar to the ethos. Im thinking big and beefy stiff board with enough wheelbase for some DH, but kicks on both ends with comfortable pockets. So i can ride behind the bolts with my back foot in switch or regular. No gas pedals, 3d concave or doo da's on this one.


Geeze! Thanks guys. I just

Geeze! Thanks guys. I just want to see something crazy come out of Comet! The "FSM" inspired the world wide web and stuff. Let's do this again! Let's stir things up! I like what Anthony was saying about the topmount. He is right on point. It's just that Duke was one step ahead of all of us with his new topmount "The HighGround." Everyone is going to copy his idea very soon. Just you wait and see.


What length nose and tail are

What length nose and tail are we thinking is necessary for this board?


Jensen has been fired up on

Jensen has been fired up on super short tail on that proto out of the Ethos proto type.


short tails definitely would

short tails definitely would be sick especially if its a thick dh worthy 9 ply


Anthony mentioned 6.5-7".

Anthony mentioned 6.5-7". Sounds about right... In favor of 6.5"; I tried something close to 7" and ended up sawing it down.



ive been thinkin and drawing stuff .. (not good at it) but.. i wanna skate something like this:


a top mount board : 35.5 / 36 long
10 wide
maybe a .75'' rocker and a .5' concave
with 25/27 wheelbase. with diamond tail.

i added the random desing by Arlo...
is 9 or 10 ply's speed board with the wheel wells (the black cuts in the back of the board) that can be molded to make it 4 small symetrical concaves to lock both foots in the back and front.
i made it with some vicious grip to see how it feels and to explain myself better...

this is how i made it look on my chopped voodoo doll xl.

sorry cause of the bad resolution.
hope it explains me better haha


Hey, Pam.

Hey, Pam.
Your first image link didn't work for me. Can you double check it?
Your second image link *did* work, so I added it to your post. Click it and it expands in a lightbox.
The Design Forum allows for one image per post, which will simplify things when it comes time to vote on graphics.
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I'd like to see a redesigned

I'd like to see a redesigned FSM, although that's a separate project on its own. But in terms of a new freeride shape, I'd love to see something with a small microdrop that gives the board "pockets". Maybe add some mild W for your tuck, and why not, let's do gas pedals. In terms of a shape, maybe a double kick style board.

Just some thoughts.


Definitely down with the

Definitely down with the mellow full length W. if we're going to make a downhill board with kicks we should go beefy and squared off with it like the sakamoto tail. I really don't like how the loaded deck looks its about as badass as an actual fat unicorn


I'd like a handle for the

I'd like a handle for the board, carved out in the nose region, for picking it up quickly. On a side note, they're now giving out tickets for riding on the street in Chicago, and I could use a handle for a quick pick up to avoid a ticket.


lot's of cool ideas bouncing

lot's of cool ideas bouncing around.

Definitely want to see something that hasn't been done before, or if it has, it doesn't matter, because Comet is doing it right.

I'm a huge fan of the comfy front pocket. The concave/rocker on the FSM was symmetrical, but imagine if that deep rocker/concave pocket was up near your front food?

Or, although, i don't know how it would feel to have that rocker/concave pocket for both your front and backfoot, almost a "W" rocker if that makes sense.

Some of the idea's are pretty cool. definitely am digging the layout of this forum.


Dude! W rocker sounds dope.

Dude! W rocker sounds dope. Colton was explaining that he wanted something like that too.
More on that?


I remember seeing a 5 mile

I remember seeing a 5 mile board with something like W rocker a while back seemed like it could be cool


35" symmetrical double kick

35" symmetrical double kick with no taper and a squared nose/tail.


Thought regarding squared

Thought regarding squared nose/tail:
Concave in the nose/tail feels real nice when ollies are executed. Gives it a point to snap off, rather than a wide/flat contact surface.
Welcome Skateboards does it, not certain of other companies...


I like the sharper tail round

I like the sharper tail round nose look myself. Also the sakamoto tail feels awesome because of the flare before it. That on both sides would make nice pockets


Ive owned a bunch of comets

Ive owned a bunch of comets and loved them all, shred 35, ethos, takeover, so i think a 9 ply, symmetrically, deeply rockered, board with wheel well flares on both sides and the grab rails from an ethos/sasquatch, with a slimmer profile, 9.25-9.75 inches wide, with little taper at the foot placements, over the truck mounts of course, either in a 35 inch brick shape, or a slightly longer shape with a slight front kick and a bit larger back kick, and a wheelbase of between 24-27 inches preferably with a few options, and most definitely with a sweet graphic drawn by arlo of kaya featuring a stallion, or a theme of iron age Germanic paganism. That's..... just a suggestion.... please god no w concave.