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As artists create imagery for Comet boards, each work of art is shaded, colored, sized, and cropped to fit its respective board shape through refinement and collaboration with Comet Graphic Designer Kaya Keys.  Comet has pioneered methods over 15 years of laying graphics down on skateboards, that are safe for our workers and the environment as well as look awesome.  Our inks are made in the USA and are so safe, they’re used in nursery schools.  Each color in the graphic is individually silk screened by hand. As the screen printer skillfully mixes and swirls layers of ink into the final image - each board is individually unique, like our riders.

The final step in the board making process is applying the protective clear coat for durability.  Comet has been pioneering and perfecting the use of water-based clear coats since 1997 – we’re leaps and bounds ahead of all others. Not all water based clear coats are created equally - we worked with our suppliers to create the best and, as of 2012, the Comet line is coated with the most environmentally friendly, high-performing clear coat available anywhere.  This coating ensures that the boards are protected from all the elements and your graphics stay looking rad.  

By innovating with water based clear coats and inks Comet has proven skateboards do not need to be made with hazardous, toxic coatings and inks. These innovations pave the way to keep millions of tons of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from entering our atmosphere annually, as more skateboard companies and wood product companies work to catch up with us.  Over the last fifteen years of making skateboards, Comet has prevented approximately 3 tons of VOCs from entering the atmosphere and our production crew's lungs.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s an article from Concrete Wave:

Comet Skateboards has used just about every graphic application method imaginable.  From screen printing on rice paper to sublimation to heat transfer to screen printing.   The Comet way of graphic creation is the culmination of 15 years of experimentation with multitudes of methods.  Comet seeks to balance graphic beauty with practicality and strives to create a platform for other companies to move forward with more innovative, artistic, and less toxic methods.  This interview with the artists at Comet give a peek at how to achieve hot colors, high contrast, solid art, and safe working conditions during the graphic making process.  In the Comet tradition, this level of transparency is as much intended to move the industry forward as it is to educated young people about the impact that every purchase has.

About Heat Transfers
While heat transfers have some benefits in production, they have major issues to reconcile, not the least of which is toxicity.  Printing heat transfers for skateboards require such a high solvent content that they cannot be made in the USA.  If they are applied in the USA they have been shipped from China.  A heat transfer graphic is composed of emulsified PVC inks that have been printed onto a mold release plastic sheet.  When applied, every graphic generates a 2 to 4 mm sheet of plastic that cannot be recycled.  The inks that are on the sheet are dissolved PVC in MEK, Butyl Cellosolve, Toluene or some other solvent.  Once the graphic evaporates its solvents it can be boxed and shipped.  During the application process, the vapors from heating the PVC up to 300 F causes mucous membrane irritation and the prolonged effects can be linked to multitudes of deadly diseases.  The manufacture of PVC is the leading chemical cause of human health concerns.  Dioxin and Phthalates (used as a softener), which are highly concentrated in PVC, are carcinogenic and are linked to several other diseases. Think of that brand new shower curtain or car smell then heat it up to 300 F one thousand times a day and that is what your average heat transfer tech has to endure every day.

Check out the rest of this Concrete Wave story online.  Click on the magazine cover and go to page 42.






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sleep; sweating Jinjin, often cold; tongue icing scale, mouth bitter dry; Eye drops, nausea, headache, abnormal changes; tide before the chest swelling, breast nodules; mouth spit sticky material, hiccup fullness; abnormal body temperature, fatigue, weakness; blurred vision, head swelling headache. These symptoms can explain what the problem? In these <a href="http://www.nikerell.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=30_158">Men Air Max Motton 2014</a> symptoms, some only normal physiological manifestations, such as 'tide before the chest swelling', the impact of hormones in menstruation before breast tenderness, which is normal, do not need to worry. And some symptoms may be caused by a variety of reasons, need further examination to confirm. Such as palpitations may be just a moment of coffee to drink more, but may also be associated with heart disease; cause 'abnormal body temperature' may be just no special treatment of general cold, but it may be more serious infection, or autoimmune diseases, and many more. According to the specific circumstances, the handling of these symptoms vary widely, simply put them into the 'sub-health' of the basket with the same method to 'conditioning' is extremely unreasonable. This may increase the unnecessary worries, may also delay the real need to treat the disease. Thus, 'sub-health' is a definition of fuzzy, not widely recognized concept, if there are abnormal symptoms, it is simply classified as 'sub-health' to solve the problem is also no help. And then see the name of the regulation of 'sub-health' banner, coveted people wallet health care products, do not be it flicker. Fruit shell; First to incite your emotions - for example, panic, anger - and then throw a theory that gives you a strong dependence, and finally starts selling the 'package solution' of the product, the service, you get the psychological comfort, TA get The interests and <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=210">Nike Air Max 90 Hyperfuse Womens</a> fame. China's many things, ten of nine is not the case.Two alarm clocks in the brain Get up early to eat breakfast, do not know why sit hard, even if do not look at the clock, still always 'feel' soon to be late. This uneasy feeling comes from the clock in the brain, they can check the time changes, 'remind' we eat breakfast faster. Neurologists believe that the body has an independent system responsible for time management, to maintain the physiological clock, control the movement of the human body and the passage of time. In the past, there was only one perception of the nervous system, but a study by the neurologist at the University of California, Irvine, <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/">Authentic Women's Nike Shoes</a> published in The Journal of Neuroscience, The brain can use two kinds of nervous system to sense the passage of time. Both can not only be carried out at the same time, or even compete with each other. There are two elements of the brain's perception of the passage of <a href="http://www.nikezoom.shoes/air-jordan-8-retro-c-394_406">Air Jordan 8 Retro</a> time, the length of <a href="http://www.nikezoom.shoes/">Cheap Nike Shoes Sale</a> time and the length of the continuous 'memory'. The striatum in the center of the physiological clock will co-integrate with the surrounding cortex, and the striatum will become active when the human body focuses on time changes. And patients with Parkinson's disease due to degeneration of the striatal pathway, the ability to identify time is also significantly reduced. In addition, Hippocampus has long been regarded as the key to long-term memory. Recently, scientists have found that the hippocampus also plays an important role in memory time changes. The latest study shows that hippocampus can record some special time information, which also explains why hippocampus back to the damaged patients can remember short-term changes in time, but can not remember the long-term time changes. Published in the journal of the study, the researchers used different scents to train the mice to distinguish the time interval. The experiment was divided into two groups, the researchers will be the first experimental group of mice injected drugs transient paralysis of its hippocampus back to test whether the hippocampus back and the ability to distinguish time. The results show that the experimental group and the control group can also distinguish between different time intervals (such as 3 minutes and 12 minutes), but can not accurately distinguish between similar time intervals (such as 8 minutes and 12 minutes). However, the researchers found that this situation only occurred at long similar time intervals, and when the mice in the experimental group were resolved at similar short time intervals (eg, 1 minute and 1.5 minutes), their ability to distinguish seems to be better. This means that the hippocampus is limited to the resolution of similar long time intervals, and the rest of the brain is responsible for resolving short similar time intervals. Although the hippocampus <a href="http://www.nikerell.com/">Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes</a> can not tell the time in seconds, the striatum can still record the changes in time per second. Researchers say hippocampus and striatum function may be opposed to each other, when the hippocampus back function, striatal performance will be more efficient. But so far, the relationship between the two is not clear, there may be reciprocal or one-way. If the striatum is damaged, the brain will produce a lot of time to deal with obstacles, which makes sci


The Comet Team