>> Ten Years of Jeff McDonough


Patrick Rizzo introduced me to Jeff McDonough in 2004.  Jeff offered then and continues to offer, 10 years after, a solid force for Comet's all around skateboard vibe.  Over the years, Jeff has helped build bridges in the skateboard community and has continued to skate with style for the love of skateboarding.  Jeff is one of the most uniquely creative people that I have met in skateboarding.  His passion for making art, shredable sculptures, and even gardening are visible in his relaxed approach to skating.  In 2008 Jeff directed the film "Lets Come Back" where his skating in Barcelona is featured along side many friends in the Bay area, including a young Blake Smith mashing in the eastern Sierra.  Jeff had a large influence on the 2014 shred line where his signature deck featuring his original artwork will be released on February.

Jeff - Front Shove It






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of the tongue is a very important part of maintaining oral hygiene. It is hard to imagine a daily bath, but the bath when people do not wash the foot of the body as a whole will be clean. You need a soft brush of the toothbrush, brush your teeth gently brush the surface of the tongue, do not brush too deep to the body will not feel discomfort prevail. Remember, you brush the tongue, not the toilet, so please be gentle and gentle. As for the natural texture of the tongue coating, for the horror of the scientific first not to discuss, I do not know how long to see a Chinese medicine, and the doctor happens to check your tongue. Up and Down! Many people like to brush your teeth horizontally. This is everyone from childhood to be reminded, but now it is difficult to correct the bad habits. 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Use this toothbrush to brush your teeth and you use your fingers in the mouth to wipe no difference. In addition to the comfort of the mind, completely without any clean effect. Every toothbrush in the service, bristles should be straight and clean. I will change my toothbrush, towel, razor and other cleaning products on the first day of every year, four, seven, and ten months. Saving is virtues, but please do not be too stingy! To small system, to soft grams just! Please try to choose a small head of soft hair toothbrush, which will make you more easily clean to the mouth is difficult to clean the area, and to a large extent improve your gum bleeding problem. I personally like to use the Korean production of soft soft toothbrush, brush up very comfortable, no stimulation of the gums. There is no link here, a <a href="http://www.nikezoom.shoes/air-max-r4-c-387_419">Air Max R4</a> treasure can be found on a lot, but please do not seek cheap, because you will buy fakes. what? Soft hair toothbrush easy to damage? Remember, do not use it to brush the toilet, and the use of the cycle control in three months. Close the faucet! If you brush your teeth every two minutes, do not close the faucet, you will waste about 10 liters of water. In many parts of the world, these water is probably a person's quota for a month. For <a href="http://www.nikerell.com/">Wholesale Air Jordan Shoes</a> others and the survival of the earth, brush your teeth when you turn off the faucet. to sum up Life in the little things, seemingly simple crushing, but it is the cornerstone of progress and success. Take care of this little thing seriously, from today, love yourself a little more. Protect the mouth, enjoy more food, show more smile. The space kingFunction moon cake gimmick 'Function moon cake' is in the usual moon cake by adding spirulina or American ginseng and other 'health ingredients' of the moon cake. Because the community on the Spirulina and American ginseng touted has reached the point of fanatical, so joined the things of the moon cake is also very easy to be marketing into a 'healthy food.' However, the 'functional moon cake' is just a marketing gimmick, in addition to showing 'grade', there is no health aspects of the practical significance. First, the moon cake itself is not a healthy food. Usually, it is mainly composed of flour, sugar and oil, stuffing there are some other ingredients, but for the overall nutritional composition of little effect. Compared to McDonald's Kentucky Fried Chicken and other commonly known 'junk food', moon cakes and even worse than - fast food in addition to the same as the moon cake with high calorie high fat, but also rich in protein, and most of the moon cake protein can be ignored The Second, adding any ingredients can not change the presence of these high-sugar high-fat ingredients in the moon cake, nor can they remove their effects. Third, Spirulina and American ginseng do not have 'magical health care' as many people believe. Although Spirulina contains more protein, as well as certain vitamins and minerals and other components required by the human body, but those ingredients are contained in ordinary food, and the need for long-term large intake of food from the food. If the spirulina to like radish vegetables often eat a lot, it is a good wild vegetables. But expect to eat a little <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/">Authentic Men's Nike Shoes</a> 'health care products', its nutritional value can be ignored. Although FAO encourages the development of spirulina cultivation, its positioning is 'addressing the nutritional problems of poor areas', 'as a feed to reduce the cost of aquaculture' and 'suffering from floods after the hurricane attacks as emergency production measures' and so on. As health care products, has always been the business people 忽悠. And A



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