>> Ten Years of Jeff McDonough

Patrick Rizzo introduced me to Jeff McDonough in 2004.  Jeff offered then and continues to offer, 10 years after, a solid force for Comet's all around skateboard vibe.  Over the years, Jeff has helped build bridges in the skateboard community and has continued to skate with style for the love of skateboarding.  Jeff is one of the most uniquely creative people that I have met in skateboarding.  His passion for making art, shredable sculptures, and even gardening are visible in his relaxed approach to skating.  In 2008 Jeff directed the film "Lets Come Back" where his skating in Barcelona is featured along side many friends in the Bay area, including a young Blake Smith mashing in the eastern Sierra.  Jeff had a large influence on the 2014 shred line where his signature deck featuring his original artwork will be released on February.

Jeff - Front Shove It





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The Comet Team