>> New York City Trip


After a long bitter northeast winter it looks like things are finally starting to thaw out and stay that way around here. To welcome in the warm weather part of the Comet crew (Anthony Flis and myself) made the trip down to NYC for the weekend.


We set out from Ithaca after a long day of forging Comet decks from our own sweat, blood and some of Canada's finest trees. After a quick burrito I heard the rumble of Anthony's rusted out, muffler deficient Subie in my driveway and headed out to throw boards and clothes into it. 4 hours later we were in the big apple. The rusty Outback stood out like a sore thumb, there were all kinds of crazy Bentleys, Lambos and absolutely zero traffic laws followed. We finally made it to beast coast OG Michael Rubin's apartment in Manhattan and chilled for a bit before crashing.


To kick off the weekend the plan was heading a few minutes out of the city to Palisades Park for the Stokem race, the classic end of winter east coast warmup.

This race has historically been a way for the northeast DH skaters to shake off winter rust with a mellow run that is also great for new riders who want to get into racing.

I woke up to beans grindin and talk about butter and coconut coffee. Thought I was still on the dream plane for a second but turns out this is a thing and it tastes damn good. Had to grab some NY bagels for breakfast and then it was off to Jersey to check out this Stokem thing.

The race was way bigger than last time I had been to it (2nd Stokem was my first race). Adam Dabonka had the show running real smooth and some free food factored into the registration cost which more races should be doing in my opinion. We got to the hill well into practice runs which I skipped to catch up with some friends I hadn't seen all winter.

The format this year involved 4 rounds that gave points for each place followed with by traditional elimination bracket for the top 16. I like this format, more runs and more fun for everyone.
My day ended early after getting tangled up with a kid who drifted as I went to pass in the first corner. Took a curb to the knee pretty hard and I was told to go to the hospital but ended up hanging around for a bit after borrowing a crutch. Anthony made it into the final 16 and also did pretty well in the high ollie contest on the same shred 38 he was racing on. I spent most of this time shooting the shit over at Phat Deans table and hobbling around taking half assed pictures.

After a while we decided to go check out the hospital and find out if I had shattered my kneecap like the EMT first thought. Turned out I just wrecked the soft stuff so they gave me some pills and crutches and I limped out. Then we got chicken and waffles and I passed out on the couch.

Sunday we got up pretty early to go to the Chelsea Piers and skate some concrete or in my case sit around in a daze getting sunburned. Chelsea was rad and all kinds of locals were tearin it up . The bowl was getting destroyed. one of the local guys was lofting backside airs 4 feet above the coping in the deep end and Ed Nieves from Earthwing was putting down some good looking laybacks with extra style on top.

Shredward from Earthwing showed us up with his layback lipslides.

I basically just sat on the ground and snapped pics with a big stupid pill grin on my face but we all had fun in our own ways. One of the locals told me he had seen Pedro Barros and his whole family at the pier, apparently his dad and brother are rippers too. All kinds were out, from 10 year olds learning to pump the bowl to a guy who had to be in his 50s at least flowing on an old Alva deck. Everyone was loving the warm weather . After a long day at the park we finally packed it up and headed home. On our way out we chowed some killer banh mi at a place Michael pointed us towards. I'm not usually a city person but damn NY can be pretty cool, looking forward to a return trip in the near future.




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